Reincarnated, Reunited

Some connections reverberate softly
across distance and space, wending
through the ether to rejoin an unseen other.
When we met, I recognized you bodily,
viscerally, my atoms greeting yours
with a happy wave and a welcome-back hug.
Perhaps my blood and your bones were once
the same patriofelis, succumbed to worms
and distributed across the continent, 
now recognizing its parts reunited, seeking 
to reassemble, to reconvene as one body heaving 
across the now unfamiliar landscape. Perhaps
you were once a great elm and I the earth
that fed you, rose up through your roots 
and filled you with sap until together 
we reached the clouds before we fell. Maybe 
you were Cleopatra and I the bathwater clinging 
to your skin, soaking into your pores as you
prepared yourself for seduction and rule--I wonder,
does time truly move in a circle, and if it does,
do we return to one another again
and again in different forms, and if so,
what then will we next become? Are we 
I or we or you or maybe we are god and god is us 
and you are breath and I am light and maybe 
this is what it means to love another as oneself.

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