Do not be afraid of
yourself, love.
Do not fear your being,
your living, your
the fervency of your idea,
the quickness of your heart.
Do not fear your fear,
your sadness, your gladness.
You are made of all
the same wonderful bits
as this earth. There is
something of the universe
in you--and there is
something of you in every place
you’ve been, every person
you’ve touched.
Yes, you’ve shed bits of earth,
of universe, of you
wherever you have traveled,
and onto me--
you have a bit of me 
on you as well.
You exhale stars
and I inhale you and perhaps
a comet or a piece
of Jupiter.
All these fragments of the
universe, of Neptune, of
clay, these tiny atoms have
conspired to form
you--for some reason--
so boldly live
and honor that serendipity,
that cosmic chance that
you are you.

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