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  • Mutuality


    And let us support one another and grow into one another, so that when we are tired and worn, when all about us has fallen to the ground, still may we stand together. Let us remember that tearing down one of us destroys us both. For were we not both born of the earth? Do […]

  • On a November Evening

    On a November Evening

    The brilliance of November at dusk! Hilltops lit up like a box of flaming matchsticks, burning brightly beneath rose-gold and lavender clouds. I hope my dying is like a November evening, wrapped in a cozy, fiery glow, celebrating in quiet exaltation the apex of life. As my season of frozen, silent stillness approaches (for death […]

  • Between the Lines

    The lines that inform our existences–that circumscribe, describe the borders between our reality and unreality, our understanding of the world we walk in–are faint, blurry, ephemeral. What do we know of the space between certainty and uncertainty, knowing and doubting, acceptable and unacceptable, trusting and questioning? Dividing each binary is an inconstant boundary, wavering, traveling […]