Author: Pamela Kesling

  • Cosmic


    Do not be afraid of yourself, love. Do not fear your being, your living, your breathing, the fervency of your idea, the quickness of your heart. Do not fear your fear, your sadness, your gladness. You are made of all the same wonderful bits as this earth. There is something of the universe in you–and…

  • To B, On Her Birthday

    To B, On Her Birthday

    On your birthday, my dear friend, I think of you, and sunshine– because the two are so entwined in my mind– you light up every room with your perma-smile, your energy bringing dull places to life. You carry light with you, golden curls bouncing, always a touch of bronze on your skin. And your heart,…

  • Sinking


    I close my eyes and lie back, float slowly down into a sea of you, your arms, your body wrapping around me like waves pulling me in, enveloping me in a quiet, peaceful death, like home, like comfort, weightless, silent but for a heartbeat. I sink into you until we can’t be told one from…

  • Why Does the Storm

    Why Does the Storm

    Why does the storm Always make me think Of you? Could you Roll through me Like the thunder, Saturate and flood me Like the rain? Maybe You have the power To give me life and Devastate me equally. Wouldn’t I love To have you Pouring down on me, Your hands and your lips Washing over…

  • Reincarnated, Reunited

    Reincarnated, Reunited

    Some connections reverberate softly across distance and space, wending through the ether to rejoin an unseen other. When we met, I recognized you bodily, viscerally, my atoms greeting yours with a happy wave and a welcome-back hug. Perhaps my blood and your bones were once the same patriofelis, succumbed to worms and distributed across the…

  • Refresh Me

    Refresh Me

    After a long journey, I am parched. I want to put my lips to yours and drink you greedily like cold spring water overflowing my mouth and running down my chin. I will pour you into my hair and bathe in you. Revived, I will rise naked and glistening from your arms.

  • Mutuality


    And let us support one another and grow into one another, so that when we are tired and worn, when all about us has fallen to the ground, still may we stand together. Let us remember that tearing down one of us destroys us both. For were we not both born of the earth? Do…

  • Leaves in Flight

    Leaves in Flight

    Oh to be an oak leaf dancing on a November wind, flying high toward the clouds, then tumbling gracefully down again to do-si-do and cha-cha with sister leaves, furiously twirling together, then slipping away, landing quietly on a rooftop somewhere before jumping up for another round! What joy–what freedom! –after a lifetime of clinging tightly…

  • Slantwise


    November always has me thinking of mortality–mine, yes, and that of all that lives– the withering, the drying, the slowing down until the eventual ceasing. But that blaze of slantwise light setting the maples aflame just before dinner– the bears filling up before slumber, the tiny wild creatures stockpiling acorns before the ground freezes over–…

  • On a November Evening

    On a November Evening

    The brilliance of November at dusk! Hilltops lit up like a box of flaming matchsticks, burning brightly beneath rose-gold and lavender clouds. I hope my dying is like a November evening, wrapped in a cozy, fiery glow, celebrating in quiet exaltation the apex of life. As my season of frozen, silent stillness approaches (for death…