Author: Pamela Kesling

  • The Delight of the Bumblebees

    The Delight of the Bumblebees

    One evening while wandering I came upon dozens of insouciant bumblebees recumbent in their Elysium, each holding to a pink-and-white flower, drunkenly sipping the dregs of its nectar, heedless of passersby. Each stem supported one bee and it was as if they dined there, each solitary despite their companions, so lost in their own ecstasy […]

  • Barefoot

    When your toes hang out the holes in your Kmart canvas shoes it’s much nicer to run barefoot down the gravel driveway squish mud puddles (avoid the tadpoles) between your toes and race through fresh-cut grass sink your feet in the soft cool dirt under the elderly maple– and learn where not to run, too– […]

  • The Appalachian House

    What a marvel the way industrious Appalachians have long managed to plop their homes on the side of any available hill, propped up and held stationary by wood beams, cement and magic– Generation after generation the houses stand, bold against gully-washers and blizzards, defying nature and common sense. Through bare winter trees you see them– […]